With light and lyrics breathing onto the shores of Big Sur, magic is born.

A bright soul of magnetic light, a spark of magic in motion, a star of vibrant uplifting energy.
Join Frenchy, and ignite the fire within!

Frenchy Productions

Let the dreams deep inside me be my symphony and may the music never end.

Tucked away in the wilderness of Wellington lies a magical little circus gathering, jam packed with bright sparks, unleashed madness and creativity in motion. Roll up, roll up to Under The Spinfluence!

AK Samba illuminating the streets of CubaDupa!

To take a journey simply for the pure wonder of the journey itself. To satisfy that inner child and breathe in the presence of each transient moment. A few little clips from the rail ride through Melbourne's Dandenong Ranges, a small snippet of something yet to be a larger motion creation!

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." -Martin Buber.

When you find something so profound that you didn't even know existed, it's the most liberating feeling ever. That feeling of home, discovered in the unknown, in the dust of the Joshua Tree desert, the bustling streets of San Francisco, the mystical Oregon redwood forests, the colorful chaos of Venice beach, in the creases of so many people's sweet smiles, and in the motions of moving, always.

Do not be afraid to envision the life you wish to lead. With the right frame of mind you can make anything happen. Do what creates your passion to thrive, bound your path leading each direction with intention and purpose, stop to smell the wild flowers, and I promise you will find your magic! Life is what you make it, how you see it, and how you dance through its' rhythms. This is just the beginning...

Five magical months catching my dreams over three States on my journey to America. A tantalizing taste of what's in store for my full length documentary of sunny shenanigans, heartwarming connections with wondrous folks, and discovering a feeling of home; in the vast vista's of America's land, within the creases of countless people's sweet smiles, and in the motions of moving, always. ~Welcome to my world~ I invite you to a front row seat into the magic!

A wee teaser of what's in store for Frenchy's upcoming promo video. ~Stay tuned! 

Frenchy Productions

Adan's self composed track Long Way Home, woven through the motions of my travels in the US and NZ, blurring the lines of what is 'home' to me, a subconscious representation of my minds inner patterns of that long drawn out psychological stretch of physically returning to my homeland while a large part of my heart remains left behind in that new found land, creating a hazy departure filled with enriching memories.

The Unexpected Guest

Follow the blaze of illumination down to the lush South end of Wellington and discover the talents and wonders of Claire French and all the creation of circus she brings. Step into the magic, take a peek into paradise, and join the journey of Frenchy, the cosmic fire gypsy!

Frenchy Productions

A glimpse into one of Adan's personal tracks, recorded in the heart of Chico, California.

The Unexpected Guest

Teaming up with these three beautiful singing hearts in Chico, California on their USA west coast tour, to record their creative talents and synergy as they share their songs, their prayers and their hopes for this world. This Heartbeat session features original songs from Murray Kyle, Hanna Leigh and Sadie Ranen. Enjoy!.. And remember 'each new day is a brand new journey'!

Murray Kyle Music