Amanda Senior

'Honoring the light in humanity and the magic of each moment.'


Currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Mandala in Sanskrit signifies 'circle of the spirit', representing universal connectivity, generating illumination and radiating vibrant energy.

Like that of the mandala, life is one whole interconnected pattern.
Embodying the essential qualities of the mandala, my vision and photographs breathe such elements of light, love, energy and connection.
Attuned to the light in each soul, the emanating atmosphere of a space, and the interactive magnetism between people, I fall in awe remembering life is one harmonious whole, holding immense gratitude to passionately bring it all into an art form.
Acting on a momentary spark and reflecting an intuitive instantaneous feeling and vision, my impassioned eye is drawn to quickly capture, or rather 'honor' the candid authentic expression and energy of individuals, reflecting the epitome of their essence, and the colourful character within all.

My camera is my passport to discovery, my gateway to connection and experience, landing me amidst the motions of a moment, as I dance the rhythms of life instinctively immersing myself in the heart of the action. Like that of nature, grounded I become in the synchronistic flurry of life- evolving, growing, transforming, like a wildflower unfolding in the newness of a sunrise.

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"You grab a hold of such beautiful magic upon a flash and let it breath and dance upon the stillness of memory and moment!! such love in what you see. it reminds us of life and love we give when we need to slow down and breath! thank you for your art it warms my heart!" -Spencer Keizer, Musician, Joshua Tree CA

"Amanda - you bring beauty wherever you are - and you capture the beauty of life through your lens. Thank you for our wedding photos we couldn't be happier with the images. And we absolutely loved having you with us from 9am to 10pm - you worked incredibly hard and were everywhere capturing the essence.... As the bride, you were the one person who went the whole journey with me and you were a joyful companion adding light to my day." -Josephine Tucker, NZ

"You have a great gift of capturing the atmosphere and joy of such events and a great eye for details and such a generous spirit." -Gerard Crewdson, Musician, NZ.

"Over the summer my partner and I travel around the North island from music festival to music festival. We have seen you at numerous ones and my GOD I couldn't wait to see your photos. I myself have always been interested in photography and my partner is an artist. So with creativity running through us, watching you take photos is an absolute pleasure, you capture moments in time with such ease and grace. Your truly very very talented and these photos are better than I anticipated! So thank you. Thank you for the love and passion you put into taking each photo capturing a moment time."
-Lisa Stonnell, NZ